Hi. I’m Tim Major.

Welcome! I’m Tim Major, writer and editor.

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2 thoughts on “Hi. I’m Tim Major.”

  1. Hi Tim!
    I must say, that I really liked your article on “JASON & THE ARGONAUTS”!!! That’s a personal favourite of mine as well. And yes, for me, my favourite part of the film is when Hercules & Hyliass come across The Valley of the Statues!!! A very haunting scene to say the least! It had taken me decades to discover the real names of the other statues. From L to R, Talos, The Dying Niobid, Discophoros, and Narcissus on top of the hill!!! As for the real colours of the statues, they are a Burnt Oil Rubbed Bronze, and as for Talos’ & The Dying Niobid’s plinth pedestals, they’re a weathered darken copper. I am currently in the process of getting ready to build a scale model replica of that scene from The Valley of the Statues. I’m having the model statues being made by Shapeways and have been looking for the proper materials to build the landscape & mountain. Getting the model statues made, as screen accurate as possible, has cost me a “pretty penny”! But, I thought that they’re worth it!!! That particular scene has ALWAYS been a top favourite of mine!!!
    Again, I just wanted to say, “how much I really enjoyed your article”. Please keep up the good work!!!


    1. This sounds terrific! Please do post links if you’ve posted images anywhere, e.g. on a blog. Good luck with the models!

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