Shade of Stillthorpe

Weird novella, published by Black Shuck Books, April 2022

“It’s fair to say that parenthood has dominated my thoughts – and certainly my identity – for the last nine years. While I love my children unconditionally, I’m morbidly fascinated by the idea of parenthood lacking an instinctive bond to counter the difficulties and sacrifices of such a period of life. And I’m afraid of any possible future in which that bond might be weaker.

Identity is a slippery thing. More than anything, I’m scared of losing it – my own, and those of the people I love. Several of my novels and stories have related to this fear. In Shade of Stillthorpe, it’s quite literal: how would you react if your child was unrecognisable, suddenly, in all respects?”

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Praise for Shade of Stillthorpe

“A seemingly impossible premise becomes increasingly real in this inventive and heartbreaking tale of loss.” Lucie McKnight Hardy
“Parenthood is a forest of emotions, including jealousy, confusion and terror, in Shade of Stillthorpe. It’s a dark mystery that resonated deeply with me.” Aliya Whiteley 

Tim Major – author

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