Hope Island

Hope Island by Tim MajorWeird horror novel, published by Titan Books, May 2020

Workaholic TV news producer Nina Scaife is determined to fight for her daughter, Laurie, after her partner Rob walks out on her. She takes Laurie to visit Rob’s parents on the beautiful but remote Hope Island, to prove to her that they are still a family. But Rob’s parents are wary of Nina, and the islanders are acting strangely. And as Nina struggles to reconnect with Laurie, the silent island children begin to lure her daughter away.

Meanwhile, Nina tries to resist the scoop as she is drawn to a local artists’ commune, the recently unearthed archaeological site on their land, and the dead body on the beach…

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Praise for Hope Island

Hope Island is a masterfully tense tale, building a looming sense of dread and growing uncertainty. Disturbing and original, surprising and shocking, it’s an excellent novel from a unique voice in the genre.” – Tim Lebbon, author of Eden and The Silence (now a Netflix original movie)

“Artfully written and brilliantly controlled from the first page, Hope Island explores unsettling territory through well-drawn characters, landscape and a powerful use of sound. But it’s the central mother-daughter relationship that gives the book real heart – there’s honesty, pain and beauty in here.” – M.T. Hill, author of Zero Bomb and The Breach

Hope Island is a deliciously creepy mystery. Tim Major knows how to wield the weird and the effect is an original novel that’s unsettling and compelling at every turn. The silent children who stalk the island are a disturbing threat outside, and the threat within the family offers a richly-realised emotional disquiet. Prepare to be unnerved.” – D. K. Fields, author of Widow’s Welcome and The Stitcher and the Mute

“Tense and compelling, the taut and tangled mysteries of eerie Hope Island conspire to create a roiling fever dream of a novel in which nothing is certain, and in which even one’s own senses cannot truly be trusted. Beneath an authentic and empathetic portrait of a family falling apart lies a deeply intuitive, atmospheric enquiry into those truths which underpin all human relationships: the way we speak and listen, the things we say and the things we hide. Hope Island is a strange and brilliantly original novel which cements Tim Major’s rightful reputation as a top class writer of fantastical fiction.” – Laura Mauro, author of Sing Your Sadness Deep

“I tore through Hope Island, unnerved by its escalating tension and its keen sense of isolation – I genuinely didn’t know what to expect whenever I turned the page.” – G. V. Anderson, award-winning author


Tim Major – writer & editor

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