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What Horror Writers Talk About When They Talk About Love

Recently, James Everington invited me to write a piece for his blog to promote the upcoming publication of his novella, Trying To Be So Quiet (Book Books). The theme is ‘What Horror Writers Talk About When They Talk About Love’. Here’s my article.

GAC-REBEL-WITHOUT-A-CAUSEMy second son is due to be born within the next month, so my response to the theme is related to parental love. My reference points in the article are two of my favourite films, Rebel Without a Cause (Nicholas Ray, 1955) and Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979). My favourite part of the article is nothing I wrote, but James’ caption of this photo of Sal Mineo and James Dean: ‘Neither of these men is Tim Major’. Thanks for that, James, and thanks for having me on the blog!