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Urban Fantasy Magazine review of Carus & Mitch


A new review of Carus & Mitch is now available to read on the Urban Fantasy Magazine website. It’s a lovely review. I’m pleased that the response to the central mystery is to ‘immediately start it over again, desperately piecing together the clues’ and that ‘Carus & Mitch will haunt you and leave you strangely wanting more’.

Guest post: Terrifying Children in Fiction

wtf2013bannerToday on the dark fiction website, Wag the Fox, you can read my post about children in horror fiction.

I wrote Carus & Mitch while my wife was pregnant, so it makes sense that children were on my mind back then. Children and parenthood have featured in most of the stories I’ve written since, too.

But there’s another reason why my favourite scary stories happen to feature children. I like the kind of horror that arises from everyday situations. There’s something about the unpredictability of children that seems ripe for exploitation in horror fiction, allowing scenes to lurch from tenderness to terror.

Here’s the article.

Carus & Mitch print edition and review

C&M printLook what just arrived! (Amazon Prime, you are FAST.)

I hadn’t really thought about how it might feel to hold a physical copy of Carus & Mitch. It turns out that it feels very, very good. It’s a satisfying, neat little package. I’m so grateful to Kate Jonez at Omnium Gatherum for taking a chance with an unknown author, and for producing such a lovely little book.

Also nice: Carus & Mitch is picking up positive reviews. Here’s a new one from Horror After Dark, also published at Char’s Horror Corner.