Short stories and collections

And the House Lights Dim

Short story collection themed around houses, homes and families, to be published by Luna Press, summer 2019

Forthcoming story publications
  • The Bath HouseTwice-Told: A Collection of Doubles (ed. C.M. Muller), Feb 2019
  • A Crest of a Wave – Shoreline of Infinity
  • Kraken Mare – Martian
  • Hangers-on – TBA
  • What Are We Going To Do With You? – TBA
  • The House Lights Dim* (reprint) – Nothing anthology (Hic Dragones)
  • Lines of Fire* (reprint) – TBA
  • O Cul-de-Sac! And the House Lights Dim (collection), summer 2019
  • The Forge And the House Lights Dim (collection), summer 2019
  • ‘Honey spurge’: Confidental report into dispersal, growth and catastropheAnd the House Lights Dim (collection), summer 2019
Published stories

[Stories marked with * appear in the collection And the House Lights Dim, along with the complete novella, Carus & Mitch.]

You can read the following stories for free online:

Finding Waltzer-Three, Read/Write Head, Like Clockwork, Tunnel Vision


Tim Major – writer & editor

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