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Hi. I’m Tim Major, a freelance editor with 15 years of experience in publishing. I’ve worked in senior positions at Scholastic, Pearson and CGP. As well as writing speculative fiction, I’m co-editor of the British Fantasy Society’s fiction journal, BFS Horizons, and I was previously the editor of the SF magazine, The Singularity. I also review and edit manuscripts for publishers and emerging authors.

I offer various editorial services, specialising in genre fiction, especially SF, horror, mysteries and YA. Services include:

  • structural editing (manuscript annotations & full critical assessment of structure, tone & style);
  • copyediting (detailed line edit and sentence-level annotations);
  • proofreading.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss a project or get a detailed quote (with no charge for the quote, of course). I’m a precise and considerate editor and I’m generally able to turn projects around quickly.

Contact me via   timjmajor (at) gmail (dot) com


“Tim Major is a wonderfully creative writer and a superb developmental and technical editor. This combination is rare and his services are worth much more than what he’s charging. You can feel secure that your novel is in the best of hands with Tim as your editor.”
– Kate Jonez, Chief Editor, Omnium Gatherum

“Tim has supplied critique work for Fiction Feedback to a very high standard. He is incisive and knowledgeable and has a friendly yet authoritative tone that reassures writers.”
– Dea Parkin, Fiction Feedback

“Tim had an immediate understanding of the material and offered concise and insightful suggestions that served to enhance the characters and the narrative, making it an even better story. His perceptive comments and sensitive communication immediately put me at ease and made me feel confident that the project could only benefit from his intelligent input.”
– Martin Greaves, co-author, Voids

“Too often an editor, especially if they’re also a published writer, will have a hard time setting their own ego aside when working on a project.  This was far from the case when I worked with Tim Major.  Tim is an editor who clearly knows his stuff.  He brought a great deal of enthusiasm and attention to detail when he worked as editor on my co-written novella.  His edits and suggestions were always in service of the story – helping to shape and improve all areas of the manuscript, and never felt intrusive. “
– Tim Jeffreys, co-author, Voids

“Tim has a brilliant eye for detail that is fundamental for editing work and strong enthusiasm for the work he does. This was why I had not hesitation in appointing him as the Editor of The Singularity magazine. Drawing on a wealth of experience, he is certainly the right person to proofread, edit and critique your work.”
– Lee P. Hogg, Editor-in-Chief, The Singularity

Tim Major – writer & editor

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