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What Horror Writers Talk About When They Talk About Love

Recently, James Everington invited me to write a piece for his blog to promote the upcoming publication of his novella, Trying To Be So Quiet (Book Books). The theme is ‘What Horror Writers Talk About When They Talk About Love’. Here’s my article.

GAC-REBEL-WITHOUT-A-CAUSEMy second son is due to be born within the next month, so my response to the theme is related to parental love. My reference points in the article are two of my favourite films, Rebel Without a Cause (Nicholas Ray, 1955) and Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979). My favourite part of the article is nothing I wrote, but James’ caption of this photo of Sal Mineo and James Dean: ‘Neither of these men is Tim Major’. Thanks for that, James, and thanks for having me on the blog!

Martian canals and borrowed ideas in SF

RCoM poster

I’ve got an article up on the Hodderscape website – it’s about Martian canals, the 1964 film Robinson Crusoe on Mars, and the borrowing of ideas in science fiction. It’s rather a ramble, but the main idea is that even misconceptions can lead to good fictional ideas that are then developed by writer after writer.

You can read the full article here.

Guest post: Terrifying Children in Fiction

wtf2013bannerToday on the dark fiction website, Wag the Fox, you can read my post about children in horror fiction.

I wrote Carus & Mitch while my wife was pregnant, so it makes sense that children were on my mind back then. Children and parenthood have featured in most of the stories I’ve written since, too.

But there’s another reason why my favourite scary stories happen to feature children. I like the kind of horror that arises from everyday situations. There’s something about the unpredictability of children that seems ripe for exploitation in horror fiction, allowing scenes to lurch from tenderness to terror.

Here’s the article.

Guest post: Why we write

If you head over to the Liz Loves Books website today, you’ll find my guest post in the ‘Why we write’ series. I’m a bit ashamed to say that I don’t reach a definitive answer to the question. Instead, it’s more a list of things I like about writing, which is a long list.

Today you can also read a short extract from Carus & Mitch on the Speculative Fiction Showcase website.

Guest post: The story behind Carus & Mitch

CMFullCover011415 croppedI’ve written a guest post for the online literary magazine, It tells the ‘story behind the story’ of Carus & Mitch, from its origins as a NaNoWriMo draft of a YA novel, through lots of dithering and deletions, before it ended up as a ‘quiet horror’ novella.

The other authors who have contributed ‘story behind the story’ articles put me to shame in their ambition and methodical approach to writing! But I hope some readers will find it useful to read about the haphazard development of this story and the deviations and accidents that became integral to the finished book.

Here’s the article.

Speculative Fiction Showcase interview


Over on the Speculative Fiction Showcase website you’ll find an author interview with me, covering subjects as diverse as big-screen adaptations, Scrivener, chickens and socks… Oh, and a small amount of discussion about my novella, Carus & Mitch, which will be released in exactly one week’s time!

The book has also been teased on the horror blog, Wag the Fox. My guest post about children in horror fiction will also appear on the Wag the Fox site soon.