BLIGHTERS review roundup

Here’s a quick round-up of reviews so far for Blighters

Ginger Nuts of Horror“Blighters is an effortlessly readable book sprinkled with subtlety and insight, humour and honesty, and was a very pleasant surprise. It is everything that I was not expecting a book about giant space-slugs to be, and is so much better for it. Gorehounds and schlockfiends steer clear – this is strongly recommended for fans of original and uniquely weird fiction.”

Horror After Dark“This was a fun, meaty novella that was a creature feature, but SO much more. Highly recommended-especially to fans of the old Sci-Fi/Fantasy stories and magazines!”

And, for the sake of completion, a brief ‘Look out for…’ piece from This Is Horror“Major is a talent to watch on the British horror scene, so check out Blighters soon.”

I’ll add more as they appear…

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