Favourite TV shows of 2014

Fargo 2My favourite TV show this year was Fargo (FX/Channel 4), an unexpected treat featuring a plot more convoluted and characters more relatable than anyone had any right to expect. Like HBO’s True Detective, the anthology format gives high hopes for keeping things fresh in later seasons.


BoJack Horseman (Netflix) was another show that oughtn’t to have been so good. The Netflix binge-watching approach worked in its favour, with a central storyline and the ability for single episodes to take diversions such as the incredibly bizarre ‘Downer Ending’.


My far my favourite UK show was the rural murder-mystery Glue (E4), demonstrating that youth dramas could be just as complex as any gritty adult programme. The twists were satisfying and characters were allowed to fade into the background once proven innocent.

The most frustrating misses this year were True Detective (HBO) – with six enthralling episodes followed by two that, for me, undermined most of the character development that came before – and Sherlock (BBC) – in which the writers fell prey to serving the huge online fanbase rather than the story. Finally, while uneven, Doctor Who (BBC) generally hit the spot, with Peter Capaldi and the raft of new writers excelling but the old guard dragging their feet.

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