NaNoWriMo: halfway through

Has it really only been a week since I last posted about my novel-writing progress? Last night I hit the 25,000 word milestone and I’m a little over one day ‘overbudget’. It’s been surprisingly painless, most days, to find two hours in which to write and only on a couple of occasions have I sat at my computer, unsure how to continue.

There have been moments of despair, though. I’ve now used up all of the plot elements that I’d prepared in the four-day burst before I began writing. As the known plot markers grew thinner, I panicked a couple of times. The lowest point was when I was seriously considering making Sir Christopher Wren the central villain. Last night I actually jumped straight to the reveal that I’d assumed would be in the finale, so the novel has suddenly opened up into uncharted territory. Even now, I have no ending in mind, but I’ve at least decided on the direction that the third act will take at first.

I’m still enjoying the process enormously. Even though I’ve had to be a little antisocial at times, everyone’s been very understanding about my need to disappear for a couple of hours each day – in fact, my social life has been a little busier than normal rather than less so. While the moment-to-moment process of writing has occasionally felt a little hollow (given that I’m not scrutinising or rereading anything I’ve read, it’s likely to be a stream of rambling piffle), the fact that, this month, the main activity I am doing is writing still feels worth celebrating.

Rose is already bracing herself for more of this kind of behaviour, as I’ve started trying to convince friends to join me on a real NaNoWriMo project in November. I’ve become convinced that, if only I’d had two weeks’ preliminary planning instead of four days, I’d be flying along at a terrific rate.

One thought on “NaNoWriMo: halfway through”

  1. Just letting you know I’m reading and enjoying these entries. It’s inspiring. Keep up the good work!

    I hope I get to read this when it is done.

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